Student Supply Kits

Student Supply Kits

We now have CUSTOM and STOCK student supply kits available for our customers.

Our CUSTOM kits program allows you to put together a pack of school supplies for each of your students. You pick the supplies, tell us how many packs you want, and we'll send you a quote on requested items. You can then let us either build the individual kits, give you a link to let students or parents order, or send you the supplies in bulk for you to build kits for distribution. Click here to get started building a custom kit.

Our STOCK kits are available to you if you are in need of student supply kits that are stocked and ready to ship. These kits were developed to provide the most essential, age-appropriate products that your students will need during the school year. These stock kits are pre-assembled and filled with products in a reusable drawstring bag. Click here to view kit details. We have 3 options of stock kits available:

  • "Best" stock kits feature essential products from top brand-name manufacturers like Crayola, Dixon, Expo, and Elmer's.
  • "Economy" kits feature the same essential products found in our Best kits, but are filled with economy grade products.
  • "Starter" kits feature products that students need to start the school year.

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