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Engineering & Architecture

Help your budding engineers hone their skills with engineering kits for kids full of versatile building tools and components. Browse our wide selection online.

Engineers build the backbones of society — from bridges and homes to airplanes and medical equipment. It all starts with a solid education. When it comes to learning about physics and structures, engineering kits for kids are a great way to get them started. These kits feature many different components, so students can build an endless number of structures and functional items such as cranes and dump trucks. They're an excellent way to introduce kids to the joys of engineering.
At Bender-Burkot, we have engineering kits for students for sale at all price ranges, so you can find durable, educational resources without breaking the bank.

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KEVA® Structures 200 Plank Set
Structures Discovery Kit
Polydron Bridges Class Set
Polydron Bridges Class Set

Unlock the secrets of bridge building.

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Our Engineering Kits for Kids

With an engineering kit, you can show kids the real-world effects of physics concepts. While they create, students see the effects of structural integrity and learn what works and what doesn't through hands-on building experiences. Force, mass and momentum become more tangible and easier to understand.
Our engineering kits for kids for sale contain a wide range of parts, such as planks, struts and trusses, that create main structures. These parts are typically made of wood or plastic. They might stick together on their own, but many kits incorporate connectors, including hinges, nuts, pulleys, wheels and screws that enable more functional creations, such as drawbridges, catapults, vehicles, levels and gear trains. That means students get to see their creations come to life.
We have engineering kits with:
  • Polydron parts. These rugged plastic components include loads of geometric shapes that snap together and combine with strings, pulleys and gears to create endless machines and structures.
  • Wooden planks and components. Wooden sets can be good for simple stacking activities and more complex creations.
  • Plastic pieces. We carry many sets with plastic parts, from basic planks and trusses to axles, cranks and other connectors.

Activities That Go With Our Engineering Kits

Most of these kits come with activity guides or cards to get kids started. One popular project involves a classic bridge-building competition. Split students into groups and have them work together to build a bridge. Then, assuming the kit you've bought can handle it, place weights on the bridge to see how much it can support before falling apart. The bridge that holds the most weight wins!
Other activities include building catapults for target practice or recreating famous buildings. Of course, free building is an excellent way to let creativity loose and encourage innovative building. Kids are often entertained for hours when left to their own devices.
Outside of simple fun and familiarity with engineering principles, our kits can also help kids develop their critical thinking, creative and collaborative skills.

Build Students' Engineering Skills With Kits From Bender-Burkot

At Bender-Burkot, we know how important it is to support your young students in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). That's why we're committed to offering a wide selection of student engineering kits at affordable prices. Get your little engineers on the path to success with exciting, hands-on building opportunities.
Browse our popular and hard-to-find items and order what you need today. If you have questions, reach out to a knowledgeable representative.