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Paint Supplies

A clean and fun painting experience calls for more than just paints. We have a range of paint supplies for classrooms for sale. Order what you need today!

Paints and paintbrushes are essential, but there are many other tools you may need to create a fun and clean painting experience. From easels and aprons to palettes and texture tools, Bender-Burkot has all sorts of additional materials for sale. Help your students take their paintings to the next level while reigning in any potential chaos.

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Our Paint Supplies for Classrooms for Sale

When it comes to painting in a classroom environment, you may need many different tools, depending on your students and the type of paint. Some of the classroom paint supplies we carry include the following:
  • Aprons and smocks: Help little ones, older students and yourself keep clothes clean with a collection of aprons and smocks, some of which come with pockets or full-length arm coverage for kids.
  • Canvases and canvas paper: Canvas provides a unique, textured backdrop for many types of artwork. You can find them pre-stretched onto a wooden frame, pressed onto a thin board or in fabric rolls you can work with as you please. Our pre-stretched canvas, canvas boards and canvas rolls offer excellent support for a wide range of mediums, making them a versatile choice that can be ready to hang on the walls at home.
  • Easels: Easels are great for both displaying and creating artwork. We have tabletop easels, standing easels and children's easels available for a variety of price ranges.
  • Palettes and cups: Neatly dispensing paint to your whole classroom can be a tall order, especially with young kids. Disposable paint cups are a great way to keep things orderly and are available in plastic, paper and no-spill varieties. Additionally, palettes can help your students keep their different paint colors organized and within reach.
  • Display and storage: Storing and displaying artwork appropriately is important for keeping it in good condition and helping students experience the joy of seeing their work proudly displayed. We carry portfolio envelopes, expanding portfolios and art tubes for storage, as well as display strings for hanging artwork in the classroom.
  • Miscellaneous paint supplies: Bender-Burkot also has a range of supplies that don't fit neatly into these categories, such as texture wands, paint pumps, pipettes, scrapers, mannequins and brush cleaners. We also carry several types of stamps and sponges, such as alphabet letters and animal prints, for easy and repeated shapes.

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Teachers who want quality and affordability in one place turn to Bender-Burkot. We make it easy to find a massive selection of products that fit your budget and give your students everything they need to learn about art and flex their creative muscles. Whether you want to purchase paint supplies for elementary students or tools for more advanced art students, we have you covered. If you have any questions, our team is always happy to help!
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