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Bender-Burkot Customers Are you looking to purchase from the contract or quotation that you have negotiated with Bender-Burkot? Then sign up below for our online ordering system that will allow you to set up teachers to make requisitions from our catalog and track orders from your district. We will review your application and get back to you by email once your account is activated.

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Please enter your shipping address information. If you've ordered with us before, you can find your Customer Number from your invoice or packing list in the Shipping Address area.

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Bill to my shipping address (or enter billing address below). This is the billing address for your credit card, or the address where an invoice should be sent for a Bender-Burkot account.

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Finally, you can choose below whether or not to take advantage of some of the features we've added for school districts. Select yes below if you'd like to manage lists of users in the Bender-Burkot system for requisitioning, and for whether you'd like to view school wide order inquiry lists.

Please take a moment and review your application, and make sure that all the information you've supplied is correct. Click "Submit" to finish your application and log into the system.