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Whether you need standard pencils, pencils for little ones or specialty items, Bender-Burkot has you covered with school pencils for sale. Buy today!

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Our School Pencils for Sale

While pencils might sound simple, there are quite a few different styles to choose from:
  • No. 2 school pencils: The ubiquitous No. 2 pencil is essential for many standardized tests and a reliable staple for any classroom. We have No. 2 school pencils for sale online in the standard variety, as well as golf pencils, vibrant colors and jumbo sizes.
  • Mechanical pencils: Many students prefer the ergonomic feel of mechanical pencils and their convenient refill mechanism. We carry a wide range of mechanical pencils from favored brands, including Pilot, Zebra Pen and BIC, as well as specialty mechanical pencils such as drafting pencils and those built for children learning to write.
  • Beginner, intermediate and triangle pencils: These pencils are designed for little ones learning their penmanship. They include jumbo pencils, intermediate-sized pencils and those with triangular shapes.
  • Award and motivational pencils: What kid doesn't want a shiny, colorful award for a job well done? We have a wide range of specialty pencils with designs, characters and phrases, many of which represent different occasions, such as birthdays, the 100th day of school, holidays and "star student" achievements.

A defining feature of pencils is that they're erasable, but the little nub on the end doesn't always cut it. From classic block erasers to novelty pencil-cap erasers, we have a range of these useful tools for any classroom. Some options include art gum erasers, scented erasers, kneaded erasers, retractable erasers, vinyl erasers and fun eraser shapes.

In addition to pencils, we have an assortment of pencil grips, fidgets and chew toys. Meet students' sensory needs with a wide range of add-ons for ergonomics, fidgeting, rewards and just plain fun. We have grips for children learning to write, fidget toppers to keep students busy and many other pencil add-ons to choose from.

We also carry cases and boxes for students to store and carry all their writing supplies for school.

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When it comes to supplying your students with the best educational environment possible, Bender-Burkot has you covered. We provide a vast selection of school supplies with affordability, quality and unique learning needs in mind. School pencils are a cornerstone of most classrooms, and our pencils and accessories can help you make the most of these simple tools according to your students' needs. Be sure to check out our closeout products for special deals.
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