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Name Plates

Make your students' desks a little more special with the help of student nameplates. Shop our large selection today to find the right ones for your class.

You may have a lot of students in your class, and learning all those names will take a bit of time. Nameplates and nametags are great helpers, and kids love the personalization aspects and knowing there's a special space reserved for them. Nametags also allow you to be creative while helping you learn names and keep track of whose desk is whose. We have a wide range of nametags and student desk nameplates for sale to fit any classroom decor.

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Nameplates can be more than just a blank rectangle. We have many kindergarten nameplates and those for other young learners that include helpful classroom resources, such as the alphabet, shapes and colors. Others might feature beloved characters or an extra-large size, so they're easy to read. Many have adhesive backs for easy placement on a desk, but others can be tented for a more 3D effect that may be easier to see over other students.
You'll find a wide range of themes in our classroom nameplate options, from fruits and flowers to polka dots and animals. You're sure to find a design that resonates with your classroom and your students' interests.
Whether you want to have desks assigned and set up before classes start or let students design their own nametags, nameplates are excellent additions to any classroom.


There are plenty of times when you may need to give your students their own nametags or label their names around the classroom. Take, for instance, the first day of school, Grandparents' Day or other similar events. Student nametags are also useful for labels around the classroom. You could place them on a pocket chart to identify students' pockets or use nametags to create a display on your whiteboard for student jobs each week.
We have a large selection of school nametags for sale with designs for older or younger students. Little ones may enjoy nametags with friendly characters from the jungle or ocean, while older students can use a range of more mature designs with appealing borders and patterns.
Nametags are self-sticking and work on both clothing and solid surfaces such as file cabinets and whiteboards.

Choose Bender-Burkot as Your Source for School Nametags and Plates

At Bender-Burkot, we pride ourselves on meeting educators' unique needs with a large selection of products. No one knows your classroom like you do, and our vast inventory allows you to find the perfect student nameplates and tags for your needs. Whether you want something to go with your room's decor for a wall graph or fun designs to appeal to the little ones in your care, we've got you covered.
Browse our collection of classroom nameplates for sale and order the solutions that fit your class today. If you need any help, contact our knowledgeable team for assistance.