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Magnetic Resources

From classic plastic letters to easy-to-move decor, magnets for classroom use come in many different styles. Explore our wide selection today to see more.

You might have a lot of magnetic surfaces in your classroom and want to use them to their fullest potential. Or maybe you don't have much room for magnets but want your students to work with them on individual boards. Whatever the case, Bender-Burkot has a wide selection of boards and magnets for classroom use for sale. You can turn your whiteboard, chalkboard or personal boards into a spot for magnet games and activities.

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Magnets for Teachers for Sale

Our magnets for classroom use include everything from classic alphabet letters to magnetic pouches to hold your dry-erase markers. We have many educational magnets, such as word magnets for students to create sentences with and magnetic graphs for easy instruction in math class. Other academic items include vowel owls, calendars, math shapes and word ladder dry-erase boards.Outside of educational magnets, we also have magnets for decor, including various shapes, decorative borders, "Do Not Erase" signs and adhesive shapes for creating your own magnets.Other magnetic items in our inventory include the following:
  • Boards: Magnetic dry-erase boards with handwriting lines or notebook rules can be a great way to demonstrate writing without drawing your own handwriting lines over and over. We also have personal magnet boards for students, which work great with magnet letters and word magnets for individual practice.
  • Labels and nameplates: Blank labels offer easy organization for any magnetic surface. You can label drawers in your file cabinet or sections on your whiteboard for classroom job assignments and the school lunch for the day.
  • Games: Between jumbo magnetic spinners, magnetic dominoes and marble run games, you can use your board as a prime entertainment space.
  • Hall passes: Make it easy to find your hall passes with magnetic versions that easily attach to your board.
  • Letters: We have many different magnetic letters for sale, great for creating titles or rearranging for word-learning activities. These come in traditional plastic designs, as well as stylish versions with chalk themes, stripes, watercolor and neon designs.
  • Magnetic pouches and containers: Make sure it's easy to access resources such as markers, first-aid supplies and whatever else you want to keep handy with a magnetic bag. These can include flexible pouches or hard plastic containers.
Magnets are incredibly versatile and usually don't take up much room, so they're also easy to store. Kids love the interactive aspect and may enjoy the bright colors and decor that magnets bring to your classroom.

Magnetic Teaching Supplies From Bender-Burkot

Bender-Burkot knows teachers are always looking for high-quality supplies at affordable prices, and that's exactly what we aim to provide. We have a wide selection of magnetic teaching tools, including closeout and hard-to-find resources, to support teachers in facilitating different tasks.Explore our magnets for classroom use to find the right ones for you, and reach out if you need assistance!