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Classroom Basics & Teacher Helpers

Teachers use many different tools in a day, from hall passes and stamps to timers and sentence strips. Shop our classroom basics for sale today.

Teachers use many different tools every day in the classroom to facilitate the right learning environment. We have a wide variety of classroom basics for sale to help you stay organized, support versatile activities and play classwide games.

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Classroom Basics for Sale

These basic classroom tools feature plenty of customization options, so you can use them in whatever kind of activities, games or organization you need. Our inventory includes the following:
  • Answer buzzers: From traditional buzzes to animal sounds and laser effects, fun buzzers can make answering questions much more exciting. They work well for team games and quizzes. You can even find recordable buzzers, so you or your students can make their own sounds.
  • Bells: Classic bells can be a great way to get your students' attention or signal transitions. These long-lasting, simple tools are a staple of many teachers' classroom management strategies.
  • File 'n Save Systems®: The File 'n Save System® can add convenience and portability to your filing system. These clever boxes protect your papers and slide out materials as needed. They're available in standard sizes and smaller ones for sentence strips.
  • Hall passes: Colorful hall passes make it easy for kids to head to their destination while keeping you in the loop. We carry several decorative sets that include bathroom passes, office passes, nurse passes and blank passes.
  • Miscellaneous tools: Other tools we carry include write-on/wipe-off blocks for custom games, write and wipe signs for activity sheets, pointers and student sticks.
  • Postcards and notes: Send students and their families a welcoming message when the semester starts or let them know when you see their hard work. Postcards can be sent in the mail or handed out in class and offer easy communication with parents, complete with a nice, handwritten touch.
  • Sentence strips: Sentence strips are an excellent learning tool for children starting to understand sentence structure and grammar. These colorful paper strips are the perfect size for a word or two and can be reorganized for sentence manipulation and various activities. We have paper sentence strips for students, as well as dry-erase and magnetic sentence strips.
  • Stamp pads and stamps: Whether for student projects or teachers looking to speed up grading, stamps are a great choice, especially when you can choose from the different ink colors and transparent stamps in our inventory.
  • Timers: Many classroom activities and games call for timers. We have a wide range of timers, including visual timers that show elapsed time, digital "hourglasses" with color indicators and bookmarks with built-in timers.

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At Bender-Burkot we know you are always looking for affordable, quality classroom supplies. We offer a massive array of products, including closeout and hard-to-find items, to support all the activities you want to do. If you need any help finding what you need, contact our knowledgeable customer service team.
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