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Help your students keep their place in their books without bending corners. Check out our wide selection of student bookmarks for sale at Bender-Burkot.

Even the rarest of readers knows not to break the librarian's cardinal rule — don't bend those corners! Bookmarks are simple, affordable and fun solutions that can also double as motivational tools, reading resources and incentives. We have a wide selection of bookmarks for schools for sale, all available online with cost-effective pricing.

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Student Bookmarks for Sale

Our student bookmarks for sale include tons of novelty bookmarks with fun characters and educational material. They work great as incentives, too. Students love getting prizes, and bookmarks are low-cost, easy to store and available for a range of different interests and occasions. You can give them out to encourage good behavior and help students learn the right way to act around others and in class. 
Many kids see their bookmarks every day as they open their books for silent reading time or do their homework. That makes them a great place for messages you want to reinforce, such as celebrating the joys of reading or a growth mindset. Bookmarks can also include resources, so students can go back and review things they've learned — such as reading genres or parts of speech — during homework or reading time.

Our collection of student bookmarks for sale falls under the following categories:
  • Birthday bookmarks: Use these bookmarks as fun birthday presents for students throughout the year. Kids love the bright colors and special treatment. Plus, they get a functional tool out of the deal.
  • Character bookmarks: From Dr. Seuss to Star Wars, we have several bookmarks with beloved characters on them for a reading tool kids will recognize and love.
  • Decorative bookmarks: We also have several decorative bookmarks, such as one shaped like a giant paper clip and bookmark-style plastic dividers for teachers.
  • Educational bookmarks: Bookmarks also pose a great opportunity for educational materials, with easy-to-reference resources such as reading topics, definitions, multiplication tables and parts of speech. Personal incentive charts can also function as bookmarks, so they're conveniently within reach. Have students track their reading and give them a prize when they've read for a certain number of days. Our inventory also includes time-tracking digital bookmarks, so students can easily keep track of how long they've been reading.
  • Quote bookmarks: From motivational quotes to sayings and puns, bookmarks with quotes are a great way to inspire kids and expose them to fun or inspiring messages.

Our Bookmarks for Students for Sale Online

Bender-Burkot prides itself on meeting the needs of teachers looking for the most versatile selection of bookmarks and school supplies. Our bookmarks for schools come in a wide range of options, so you can support your students' reading efforts without breaking the bank. Remember to check out our closeout bookmarks for special deals!

If you'd like to explore student bookmarks, view our various options and order today. You can also reach out to our skilled customer service team if you have any questions.