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Classroom supplies from Pacon® help you keep your classroom organized while engaging and inspiring your students. Their inventory includes everything you need to create a functional and welcoming classroom that's fully stocked with art supplies to help you embrace creativity and add tactile and visual learning experiences to your curriculum. Shop our massive collection of Pacon products for sale online to find selections from Classroom Keepers®, Tru-Ray® and other Pacon brands.

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Organize Your Classroom With Classroom Keepers®

Classroom Keepers is a division of Pacon that focuses on helping you store, protect and organize your classroom materials and art supplies. Each Classroom Keepers organizer is constructed from sturdy corrugated cardboard, brightly colored and designed to be a visually pleasing organizational asset in your classroom.

Consider streamlining how you collect and return graded paper assignments to your students with Classroom Keepers homework collector and student mailboxes. Students can deposit their assignments in the homework collector at the beginning of class and check their mailboxes for graded work and important papers. This system frees up class time that you would otherwise spend collecting and distributing work.

Everything You Need to Create

Pacon began as a paper company in 1951 and has since grown to offer various paper products and other arts and crafts supplies to help your students create, learn and thrive. Our extensive inventory of Pacon art supplies includes paint and brushes, wiggly eyes, beads, feathers, chenille stems, craft sticks, origami paper and jingle bells.

Tru-Ray, a subdivision of Pacon, produces the brightest, most fade-resistant construction paper available in single color packs or variety packs, so you can choose what's best for your needs.

You can use crafting projects to add a kinesthetic element to your lesson plans and ensure all your students have the best opportunity to learn. An easy, classic example is to create mini paper mache volcanoes with your class to demonstrate their different shapes and add some excitement to the lesson.

Products for Posters and Presentations

Posters and presentations are an important element in any subject for students at every level. These assignments allow them to take the reins and teach their classmates about something new or apply the information they've learned to a new topic or format.

Bender-Burkot offers a wide selection of Pacon products perfect for your students to create good-looking, effective and informative posters for any subject.

For a mid-level science class, you could set up a science fair and have students apply the scientific method to their own experiments. Have them use our rigid trifold presentation boards to create a booth demonstrating how the experiments went and what they learned.

You could also create a lesson plan that requires each student to become an expert in a specific area, then present information to the class. Older history students, for example, could each complete a report on a specific law or constitutional amendment and then create a poster and teach their peers what they learned.

Stock up With Bender-Burkot

Bender-Burkot is the best place to find Tru-Ray, Classroom Keepers and Pacon classroom products for sale at discounted prices so you can stock up for next school year. Browse our huge inventory and check out our ideas for how to incorporate Pacon products into your classroom and curriculum.