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Avery is one of the leading names in everyday organizational items like binders, dividers, customizable labels, sheet protectors and other products designed for your home, office or classroom. These supplies can help you to get and stay organized all school year long. You can also incorporate Avery products as part of your lesson plans with some creativity.

Bender-Burkot is the best place to find a huge inventory of Avery products for sale online. We carry everything you need to upgrade your classroom and help your students thrive this school year.

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Binders and Beyond

In a classroom setting, students often use binders to carry and organize their supplies for class. Beyond their simple functionality, binders offer countless possibilities for keeping you and your classroom organized.

Many teachers carry "teacher binders" with everything they need to carry out their lesson plans successfully. Some teachers also create "substitute binders" for days when a substitute teacher will take over the class. These binders can hold lesson plans, student information, emergency procedures and extra activities to ensure the substitute is prepared.

You can also use binders as student portfolios to hold their work throughout the year so you, your students and their parents can reflect on their work at the end of the semester.

Consider keeping a binder somewhere accessible in your classroom, stocked with forms your students might need throughout the year, like worksheets they missed when they were absent or rubrics for projects. Use Avery three-hole sheet protectors to keep everything organized by form type. This system ensures you always have extras on hand, and students won't slow things down by asking you for a copy.

Everything in Its Place

Students sometimes need a little guidance to keep things clean and organized in class. Blank labels from Avery are a great option to ensure everything has a place in the classroom and items get returned to where they belong.

You can write directly on your Avery labels with a marker or run them through your printer to customize them. Create labels for student cubbies, folders and different stations, shelves and storage areas around the room. Students will know which items are theirs and where everything belongs.

Labels can also be useful for ensuring all of the supplies you've purchased for your classroom stay there. If you have a book lending area, you can use labels to mark all of the books so students don't forget to return them.

For language-learning classrooms, labeling items in the room can serve as a valuable learning tool. Students recognize the items and learn to associate the word with the item quickly and easily. Labeling is also useful for pre-school and primary school classrooms where children are learning to read and spell.

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